Woodruff Industries Leather Hole Punch Is Different!

One Tool – 3 Uses

Woodruff Industries Professional Grade Leathercraft and Leatherworking Hole Punch Pliers are a “3 in 1″ punching tool: Leather Hole Punch, Eyelet Insertion and Snap Button Insertion Pliers.

Light Weight

By comparison there are a lot of leather hole punch units out there that weight anything from one pound (436 g) to ¾ of a pound (333 g), our customers have reported when using these very heavy tools their hand just aches and they can’t do those extended projects which are punching a lot of holes. The Woodruff Industries 3 in 1 unit: Leather Hole Punch, Eyelet Grommet Insertion and Press Stud Button Insertion Multiple Use In One Leathercraft Pliers unit weights just 5.15 ounces or 1/3rd of a pound (150 g).

Range of Hole Die Sizes

Many leather hole punch units on the market have hole sizes from 2 mm to 4.5 mm incremented by 0.5 mm, half a mm (there are 24.5 mm to an inch) is such a tiny incremental increase – next to useless. People frequently need 1 mm and the 2 mm sizes and the 4.5mm (the largest hole punch size usually offered) is often to small for some jobs, using leather as lace for example, so the 5 mm and 6 mm hole dies are very useful to many; that makes the Woodruff Industries unit highly versatile.

Sturdy Thick Brass Anvil

The Woodruff Industries unit boasts a brass anvil which is 1/8th of an inch thick versus other hole punches on the market at 1/16th of an inch thick and 3/64th of an inch thick.

No Rotating Parts

There are no rotating parts: with rotating parts you always have the potential for malfunction and misalignment of the punch head die and the anvil base, not so here.