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Leather crafting is basically the art of shaping and coloring leather to make objects out of it. There is both an art and a science behind leather crafting as it needs artistic imagination and scientific precision to achieve the desired form or shape of the object. Leather has been used for centuries to make objects, as it is a highly durable and tough material with the ability to retain its original texture and structure for a long time without any signs of aging or discoloration.

It is possible to make a range of items like clothing, shoes as well as accessories like belts, bracelets and even home furniture and art deco. Some people even use leather crafting to design gun upholsters and horse saddles.

Art and Craft ToolsArt and Craft Toolsart and craft toolsLeather comes in many varieties and the choice of leather depends very much on the object intended to be crafted out of the leather. Leather crafting also needs a basic understanding of the techniques used as well as the basic art and craft tools needed for working with leather. It is possible to fashion almost any kind of design on leather, all that is needed is a bit of imagination, the right set of tools and you can design your very own masterpiece at home. In case you need guidance there are plenty of leather pattern books as well as guide books on working with leather easily available, both online and in stores.

When it comes to leather art and craft tools, there is no one right size that fits all. Tools are available in various sizes to suit different hand sizes and it is best to choose a size that fits well personally. Another important thing to remember when buying a leather art and craft tool is that quality and durability of the tool is extremely important since leather is a tougher material to work with than most other craft materials. Quality leather tools like the ones from Woodruff Industries are ergonomically designed for better handgrip and lesser strain on the hand. Choosing the right tools can make all the difference between enjoying leather crafting or alternatively a happy pastime becoming a chore.

10.1 – Leather tools

Whether it is making a customized leather belt as a to gift your girlfriend or even making a phone cover for yourself, working with leather can be an extremely fun and rewarding activity to undertake. With the right set of leather tools you can fashion almost anything out of leather, even if you are a novice at leather craft. There is no “one size fits all” policy when it comes to leather tools, so choose tools that have user comfort in their design. Quality plays a very important role when it comes to leather working tools, so always ensure you buy from a reputable supplier like Woodruff Industries, with a tradition for sturdy and reliable leather tools.

Blog 10.2 - Leather PiecesLeather tools come in a variety of quality standards from the highly advanced professional leather tooling kit to the beginner toolkit. If you are just starting out with leather crafting, it is best to go with a starter leather tool kit which is easily available at very economical prices online at as well as at retail stores selling leather craft. If you are looking to make designs on your piece of leather, you can also consider purchasing modeling tools like stylus or a modeling spoon as they come in very handy when crafting designs on leather. You can even consider buying individual leather tools rather than buying the entire toolkit. One of the most used leather tool includes the mallet. Avoid using metal or wood mallets and opt for a poly mallet especially if you are beginner on leather craft.

One very important consideration to keep in mind while buying leather tools is the tool size. The thumb rule is to choose the size that best suits the size of your hand. Large tools are best for older males with large hands while smaller sizes are more suited for youngsters with relatively smaller hands. Choose tools that are ergonomically designed to put the least amount of pressure on your hands while cutting or punching leather.

Leather tools can come in all sizes and shapes, not to mention price points. It is possible to get the right set of tools at highly reasonable prices without compromising on quality when you choose from reputed online providers like Woodruff Industries.

leathercraft furniture

leather craft furniture toolsIf you are looking for a safe, easy to use and most importantly effective tool for some heavy duty leather work, then this set of leather craft hole punch pliers are sure to make your job a whole lot easier. One of the most reputed brands in the business, Woodruff Industries’ leather craft furniture tools make working with leather a piece of cake.

Our highly advanced leather craft tool, the leather hole punch plier combines 3 applications in 1 – it can punch holes in leather, it can also do eyelet insertion for 5/16 sized eyelets and lastly it is equipped to perform press stud button insertion. An ultra professional tool, it can punch clean holes of different sizes in tough materials like leather, denim, canvas, cardboard as well as plastics and fabrics of all kinds and is fitted out with molded and shaped handles to reduce fatigue while operating the pliers.  You can now say goodbye to all the aches and pains that surface after operating regular punch hole pliers for a long time.

The punch head comes with 6 die sizes to cater to almost all kinds of punch hole requirements, from the very small die sizes of 1mm and 2 mm respectively to the medium sizes of 3mm and 4 mm right up to the ultra big sizes of 5mm and 6 mm. With needs varying greatly when it comes to working with leather, this tool ensures you have just what you need to make your work enjoyable and fun.

These punch hole pliers have been ergonomically designed out of high quality aluminum making them extremely durable and sturdy to serve your tooling needs for a long time. The design ensures that they are light in weight, easy to hold and operate causing the least amount of strain possible on your hand muscles.

Durability and sturdiness is very important when you are working on hard surfaces like leather, which is why our hole punch pliers take sturdiness to a whole new level. They are fashioned of the highest quality material and provide lasting service on all kinds of materials. Whether you are looking to simply punch a shapely hole or insert a stud button, you are bound to find our leather tools a definite pleasure to work with. 

How to use leather hole punch tool

Indisputably, this is one tool we all need sooner or later. Whether it is because you have lost weight and need a tighter fitting belt, or because the new pair of jeans comes with different measurements than your previous ones, this is an often used tool.  Whatever the reason, the days of grappling with leather belts that just don’t seem to be crafted for your waist size, are now long gone. When making additional holes the greatest challenge is to ensure they fit in symmetrically with the other holes so that the superb look of the belt remains exactly that – superb. With this 3 in 1 leather hole punch tool you can make perfect holes to make your leather belt fit perfectly for your figure.

If you ever wondered how to use a leather hole punch tool, read below to help you get through that stubborn piece of leather.

leather hole punch toolThe 1st and most important step is to get the right tool for the job. With the right tool in hand, your work significantly reduces and you are able to achieve the desired quality with half the effort. Woodruff Industries Professional grade leather hole punch tool comes with a satisfaction guarantee and it is designed for challenging situation like this.

The next step is to carefully measure the size of the holes as well as the distance between them. Since these leather hole punch tool comes pre packaged with 6 die sizes from 1 mm to 6 mm you are sure to find the die to match the size of the hole. Test the selected hole size on something other than your special belt of target leather.

The next thing to do is to position the die head in the right place where you want and gently apply pressure through the material with the pliers tool.  Being ergonomically designed to make them easy to hold and operate, the Woodruff Industries 3-in-1 Leather Hole Punch tool, there is a significantly reduced risk of a repetitive strain, even if the leather is extremely thick or dense.  The perfect hole is ready in seconds to give you a perfect fit while blending in beautifully with all the other holes in the leather belt.

Leather tools – a helping hand in crafting leather bag

A few days back, my daughter curiously came up to me and started asking about the tools that can help her to turn a simple leather bag into beautifully crafted (with beads and studs) leather bag. Seeing her eagerness, I started searching about the tools that could work well on the leather bag. leather toolsWith the help of the Internet, I researched leather punch pliers that are most effective and useful tools in crafting leather bags beautifully. With these types of pliers, I can punch my favorite beads and studs into the bag and make it look bit different and striking.

On searching I discovered that there are many tools and supplies available online. For a short while I was in a dilemma as to which one to choose from, as there is a long list of companies that offer such tools and supplies. Then, I saw the reviews that were posted on the Internet; I read all the reviews and comments that were posted. I chose one which was supplying the best tools and supplies for leather. This is the easiest way, since now I don’t have to go anywhere for some other supplies that can used on the leather bag.

In order to make easy and accurate holes in the leather bag, these leather pliers tools is indeed helpful. From belt-making and crafts to bracelets and other leather craft, this useful leather punching tool offers easy punching with a comfortable design for less hand fatigue. My daughter is enjoying doing punching her favorite color beads and studs in the belt of the bag. Though there are many leather tools on the site but we selected a leather punch pliers that includes six hollow bell punches sized 5/64” to 11/64”.

There is something that I cannot forget to mention about the pliers. It is strong yet light weight aluminium, with separate hole punching and eyelet insertion operations. The handles of the hole punch are molded to fit the shape of the hand. This is 3-in-1 leather hole punch, eyelets and snap button insertion pliers’ tool that can make your project exceptionally beautiful.

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